How we make a difference

Our work has a transformational impact on the lives of the local people that we work with.

In 2020/21 our projects and activities connected thousands of local people to opportunities for positive personal change.

During the year the Octavia Foundation supported:

  • 3,282 people with reached through support and social activities
  • £42,581 issued to 10 local charity through Octavia’s Better Lives Community Fund - 763 young people supported
  • 879 older people benefitted from befriending, outreach, day services and other activity-based support
  • 289 received handyman visits
  • 38 received gardening visits
  • 135 young people engaged with our youth services
  • 615 food bank referrals
  • 96 people received grants for essential home items
  • 103 people helped with employment and training
  • 293 people volunteered with us

In continuing the legacy of our founder Octavia Hill, our community projects support sustainable, diverse communities, providing opportunity for people to develop, be confident in the future and fulfil their potential.

Our community work connects with diverse people across all age groups. We seek to optimise our impact and reach, helping to create and sustain vibrant, thriving neighbourhoods and better lives for all.

Our ambition to make a difference in our communities in 2020-2021 through increasing the reach of our services was impacted by the social restrictions enforced nationally to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Though our face-to-face activities were suspended for most of the year, we still reached well over 3,000 people and met our ambition in many areas.

Services were adapted using technology in order to focus on meeting new needs created by the pandemic, with colleagues prioritising regular contact with more vulnerable people to support wellbeing, prevent isolation or offer support to those facing financial hardship.