REPRAZENT is an exciting youth-led and event-based project that ran from January - July 2013 and celebrated the creative contribution of young people to society.

The project was designed to give local young people aged 16-24 the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a broad range of activities, and to develop key transferable skills that will enhance and improve employment prospects. Working collaboratively, the culmination of the project will be a high-profile event that will showcase the many talents, skills and contributions of local young people, in an effort to counteract and challenge the media and societal stereotypes identified by our young people. 

This event took place at The Tabernacle, W10 on Sunday June 23, and addressed media representation of young people in Britain.  The event included a panel discussion around the question, 'Does Britain hate young people?' a number of interactive workshops, creative performances and reviews will also be held and live music performances will take place in the evening. 

The idea for the project was developed out of a discussion amongst some of the young people that we work with at BASE around the time of the London riots in August 2011. As a result of media coverage at the time many of them felt that young people were made to feel disenfranchised and alienated from society because and that the actions of the few overshadowed many of the hugely valuable contributions made by so many young people. At the same time, our youth employment sessions revealed that a key barrier to work or training for many young people was a lack of practical experience.

Awards for All a funding stream from the Big Lottery Fund made an award of £10,000 for the project in late 2012 recognising that the project will allow local young people to gain practical skills and experiences that will boost their employment and training prospects.

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I wanted to be involved with REPRAZENT because I enjoy working with other young people and want to challenge the misperceptions that some people hold about young people and to tackle the generation gap that exists in some parts of London. I am in year 13 at school and volunteering on the PR side of the event. I'm really excited to work hard to make our vision a reality and to see the end result on the day!

Nora, Paddington

I found out about the volunteer opportunities via the Rugby Portobello Trust. I volunteered to help with artist liaison as I have experience in this area and wanted to get involved with and support REPRAZENT. I hope that I'll be able to gain more experience in this area through the project and want to become more involved with some of the organisations and groups involved. I'm really enjoying being part of the event and can't wait to seeing the event manifest!

Tilicia, Kensington and Chelsea

I've just finished a degree in Marketing and Communications at the University of Westminster and wanted to put some of the theory and learning into practice! I'm volunteering with PR & Marketing to build my skills, but also wanted to be part of an event that will showcase the positive attributes of young people and my generation.  Meeting new people and working as part of a team will also help to improve my interpersonal skills and teamworking.

This is the first time I've been involved in a project like this, it's a fantastic opportunity for young people and I can't wait to see the event unfold!

Tolu, Kennington

I've volunteering as an events assistant to help with the planning and coordination of the event. I've never done anything like this before but it seemed to bring together lots of interesting areas and I think it's a good way to find out more about what it would be like to have a career in events. I hope to be able to build my experience during the project and to network and am also looking forward to meeting and working with new people.

Rita, Acton


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Does Britain hate young people?

Does Britain hate young people?

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