Befriending in Westminster

This service, funded by the City of Westminster, offers vital emotional support to older and vulnerable people living in the borough. Isolated adults over the age of 50 are matched with a volunteer befriender who visits once a week for a minimum of six months. A befriender can visit the older person in their own home or provide the support needed to venture out.

Older people describe the befriending service as life changing: 

I no longer have to spend my birthday on my own. I was isolated and alone, without friends or family. Now I have a friend who cares about me.   Jacqueline 

Every time she comes to me, the sun is always shining, even when it's raining.   Kitty

Ester is compassionate and she goes beyond the call of duty.   Ghassan

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For further information about the service or to find out how to make a referral, please contact the befriending team:

 0208 354 5681