Our befriending service offers vital emotional support to vulnerable or isolated adults aged 50 or above. Each individual is carefully matched with a volunteer befriender who visits every week for at least six months.

Befrienders offer their company, visiting a befriendee in their own home or providing the support they need to venture out. They promote independence and reduce isolation.

Befriending can be tailored to the individual. A session might include just having a chat, taking a walk or going shopping. It depends on what the individual would like to do.

We take the time to find exactly the right befriender for each individual. We will make the best possible match, based on personality and shared experience.

All our volunteers are carefully recruited, police checked and trained to ensure a safe, professional service.

Weekly sessions can be arranged for a day and time that suits the individual.

Improves wellbeing
Regular visits from someone who cares can has a significant positive impact on mental and physical wellbeing

I no longer have to spend my birthday on my own. I was isolated and alone, without friends or family. Now I have a friend who cares about me. Jacqueline 

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We offer two different befriending schemes. Find out more by contacting our Outreach and Befriending team: