Digital media projects

Throughout the year we run a range of exciting digital media projects for young people to participate in. Our projects provide young people with an array of opportunities to get creative, learn new skills and connect with fellow creatives.

We provide specialised training in digital media where you will learn techniques such as editing, sound design, screenwriting and camerawork. In previous projects young people have learnt how to produced short films and documentaries, setup a photography shoot, recorded original music, created a smartphone app and curated an exhibition. The programme is fun, free and open to all skill levels from beginners who'd like to have a go to those interested in working in the digital industries.

As well as supporting and training young people, our media projects are designed to engage and benefit the wider community. Many of them have been developed in partnership with other not-for-profit organisations.

If you have an idea for a digital media project, are interested in getting involved with our current  project in any way, or want more information, please contact Andrew South, Digital Media Programme Manager, T: 0208 354 5534 E: 


Previous projects

  • Our borough our future

    Our Borough, Our Future

    Raises awareness about climate change. (11mins06) 2010.

  • 2

    Hidden Herstories

    Uncovers inspirational stories of influential women (14mins07, 13mins28, 17mins48, 17mins12) 2010.

  • Grove Roots still

    Grove Roots

    Traces the evolution of Ladbroke Grove from the 1958 race riots to the present day (60 mins) 2008.