Christmas Youth Fundraiser 2021

When you start at a disadvantage, your opportunity for hope can be narrow. There is little space for inspiration, for creativity or for dreams – the very things that we believe are fundamental to being young. Over 150 years ago our founder, Octavia Hill, worked with people who found themselves trapped in poverty due to ill health, low income, or lack of opportunity. Her approach was to teach people new skills and help them become self-sufficient. 

In our capital city, one of the richest in the world, we are sad to say, these issues still persist. We know first-hand. Public spending cuts, loss of services and rising living costs are big concerns in our local neighbourhoods. Families who have lived in communities for generations are increasingly priced-out and are struggling to make ends meet. Their biggest fear? That their children will have no future.  

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We provide meaningful activities for young people, which prepare them for jobs or further education. We help them build friendships, confidence, and appreciation for other generations. And we encourage them to dream. 

Your support could help to fund one of our critically acclaimed film projects, or digital activities, like those shown in our film, which offer local young people training, encouragement and access to industry-standard equipment. Or it could be used to fund a place on a subsidized trip, enabling young people who may otherwise be excluded, to enjoy new experiences, to fire their imagination, to make friends, and have fun.  

If you believe that everyone deserves the same chances in life and your hope, like ours, is for the next generation to do better, with fewer struggles, more equality, and more opportunities, donate today 

Empower local people to Live well and Connect

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