How we make a difference

Our work has a transformational impact on the lives of the local people that we work with.

In 2017 our projects and activities connected thousands of local people to opportunities for positive personal change.

During the year the Octavia Foundation supported:

  • 440 children and young people with youth activities
  • 90 older people were visited regularly by a volunteer befriender
  • 77 people were helped with training or supported into work.

Our work helped people like Nathan, who had been out of regular work for several months before Octavia helped find him a work placement with the Construction Training Initiative (CTI). Nathan so impressed his placement employer than at the end of the paid training scheme they offered him a permanent job.

Hear about Nathan's story in this video.

Find out more about training and employment opportunities through the Octavia Foundation.

'Older and vulnerable people' case studies:

  • Learn to Earn

    Learn2Earn: One service user's story

    "My primary goals in attending the programme are to end my self-imposed isolation, and bring a little structure to my week."

  • KittyMorris ClaireLevavasseur 3950

    Kitty and Claire

    Befriending promotes independence and reduces isolation.

  • Eve Turner


    It's part of my life now.

  • Labelle


    It makes me feel human.

  • MG 8513


    Her visits give me something to look forward to.

  • Estelle


    Places and people are not as scary as I thought

  • Hassan


    Genia is like a daughter to me.

  • IMG 6370


    Her visits inspire me and make me feel much happier!

  • Leslie


    It gives me a reason to get out of the house