Employment programme provides £4.12 in benefit for every £1 spent

Sunday 28 October 2012

The Octavia Foundation recently undertook a social return on investment analysis to establish the value and impact of our employment and training programmes.  This is the first time that we have adopted the SROI methodology as part of our evaluation and assessment process and we were delighted not only with the findings but also with the methodology itself.

Our research revealed that for every £1 spent or invested in the project, £4.12 was generated in benefit for the local community - that's a huge positive impact.  In addition, the case studies included within the report illustrate the incredible impact that the programme had to people's self esteem, self confidence, general well being and family life. 

We've published the report in full to highlight the impact and value of the project, but also to illustrate the effectiveness of the SROI methodology - we hope that you find the report encouraging and inspiring. 

To read the report, click here and to learn more about our current and previous employment and training initiatives, please click here.

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