Digital media projects

If you’re a talented, creative, young person, keen to make a mark on the world around you, how do you do it? Talent and hard work might get you so far. But how do you get the skills and experience you need to make the most of any opportunities that come along?

Our extended media projects provide essential skills and training for young people keen to enter the creative industries. For example, our two-year project, The Story of QPR, enabled 38 young people to gain invaluable knowledge, experience and confidence. Several are now in paid employment in the media industry.

As well as supporting and training young people, our media projects are designed to engage and benefit the wider community. Many of them have been developed in partnership with other not-for-profit organisations.

If you have an idea for a digital media project, or are interested in supporting future projects in any way, please contact us

Other projects

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    Hidden Herstories

    Uncovers inspirational stories of influential women (14mins07, 13mins28, 17mins48, 17mins12) 2010.

  • Grove Roots still

    Grove Roots

    Traces the evolution of Ladbroke Grove from the 1958 race riots to the present day (60 mins) 2008.