Olivia Rubens is a sustainable womenswear designer, specialising in textiles and knitwear and previously showed her A/W 18 line at Toronto Fashion Week. Olivia is currently part of the 2020 cohort of MA Fashion Womenswear at the London College of Fashion and has been working with the Octavia Foundation since 2018 – exploring novel upcycling techniques to build fabrics from the ground up.

Olivia is currently working on embracing open mindedness and community, despite our differences, and encouraging others to stay true to they are, no matter if they are different from everyone or if they fit into a ‘box’ or ‘type’. Having been ostracized and set apart in her youth, she is now working with the Octavia Foundation to tackle self-esteem issues and cyberbullying with young people, as judgment and mental illness have spread and grown so easily with self-representation and social media.

Olivia held a 3 week interactive project at base@theReed called ‘what do you meme’, exploring cyber bullying and how we express and style ourselves to create who are.